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FAG and INA are the bearings leading brands. They are recognized internationally for their quality and high performance bearings. Behind the success of their premium products are their production process and machinery. The machine produced a very fine, smooth, and precise ball bearings. The design was a world-class achievement which had been invented by a German engineer, Fiddler Frederick Fisher.

       Germany had become the most important production base for the ball bearings industry since the discovery until now. This is why Schaeffler Group is the first to start bearings production under its brand FAG bearings. Therefore they will always be recognized for their excellent quality premium products in Thailand and internationally.


       With this expert experience, it can be guaranteed that the product from Schaeffler can be count as one of the best bearings in the world. 


ELGES (Schaeffler)

Rod end

Rod ends bearings with high standard under schaeffler brand.

Products & Services

A fine product collection carefully chosen by our bearings experts at PSM BEARING CO., LTD.


PSM BEARING CO., LTD. is a large hub for bearings distribution. We provide you with a rich and diverse inventory. We are an official distributor for Schaeffler Group. Thus, our customers do not have to worry about counterfeit goods. Our products are also guaranteed your satisfaction with their excellence quality and timely service.



INK High quality bearings with a high import standard which P.S.M. Bearing is the sole distributor in Thailand. Therefore, you can be assure that the quality is up to the standard with a very competitive price in all series.



Good quality ball bearing that fit for all parts of machine wiht various size and categories both with and without covers. With a price that can be offered allow Konlon brand to be a lead brand for ball bearings in many industries.



Stieber. A one way clutch and back stop bearings 


Quality Chain

Chain sprocket and cuppling with high standard 


After sell service - Engineer service


Full after sell service covering every area such as : schedule delivery time as requested, evalution before bearing changing process, accurated bearing changing process and handling, bearing problem solving, Bearing design, matching bearing process, and vibration checking service for a total solution


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