INK bearing is one of the brands that are widely accepted throughout the market.  Even though, INK bearings have only arrived in the market in Thailand recently, but with the quality and reasonable prices makes INK became increasingly popular in stores and large factories in Thailand.


Customer’s feedback has been excellent for a newly introduced brand on the bearings market. PSM BEARING CO.,LTD  is an exclusive distributor of INK bearings in Thailand. We are willing to guarantee the reasonable price and quality for every bearings series to ensure quality and continuous service.


INK is one of the best bearings for anti corrosion stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel bearings and bearing unit with a size in inches and millimeters size.


Including ball bearing with and without cover, which is ideal for applications that require exposure to water and moisture problems, corrosion and rust prevention in particular.


Bearings for manufacturing and food processing plant for GMP and HACCP standard, we recommend products in the MP series(The housing is made of stainless steel) and TP (The housing is made from thermoplastic adhesives.  Also, we offer a steel Galvanizing's corrosion protection in all series. Our bearings are approved through the high standards. INK bearings are currently being used in many of our food processing plants.


Moreover, we also offer ball bearings for textile mills. INK bearings are one of the bearings for specific applications such as textile factories. INK is one of the specialists for weaving dedicated factories where it is widely accepted by major textile manufacturing plants worldwide.

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