P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd is one of the first class distributors in Schaeffler group across Thailand. Schaeffler Group is originally located in Germany, where is not only the high quality bearings have been produced but its excellent quality is also widely accepted throughout the automotive industry around the world.


In 1985, P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd was established by Mr. Phairoj Sitthimonamuay. Since its founding in 1985, P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd and its people have continuously helped a vast number of companies to create the most efficient operating systems. With the purpose of maintaining its growing reputation, P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd promises to every valuable customer not only to offer unbeatable product ranges but we also realize the importance of customer service. We always make an effort to develop our working process for today’s high competitive world, not only for us but for our customers as well. The unique selling point of P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd is the variety of products and exceptional service performance, this is confirmed by our customers, from big companies to small retailers. Moreover, we do offer professional advises for those who have problems or any questions with regards to our products and its working system.


After the successful of P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd, a new way to spread its wings was found. P.S.M. Bearing Co., Ltd then established P.S.M. MACHINERY LTD PART where provides chain, sprocket and belt that could be perfectly match with every individual requirement.


Because we deeply understand the demand in the market and any problems that customers may unexpectedly experience, we are always willing to provide solutions and advices to any problems. Additionally, we believe that we have an ability to turn any difficult and complicated problems into solvable issues through the use of our experiences that we have accumulated for more than 20 years with over 80 well-trained employees. Therefore, we confidently believe that customers can place their confidence in our proudly present product undoubtedly.




We do not only emphasize on the product’s quality, but our service is also well concerned. We are confident in our capability that customers will be benefitted in many ways such as;


           - Get more production with higher stability

           - Best use from their current resources

           - Get more reliable maintenance for their machine

           - Reduce production cost and maintenance expense  

           - Reduce immediate shut down of machines

           - Reduce vibration and damage of machines and extending machine life span

           - Reduce overall business expense

           - Extend marginal time of maintenance

           - Extend marginal time of maintenance plan


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